A platform to collect learning opportunities
from the territory, with and for schools

The purpose of the online platformTrieste Education Cluster is to collect and make more accessible the opportunities for discussion and comparison that the various local institutions organize and offer to schools. At pages Events and Academy, events and courses are catalogued, with all the information to participate.

The platform is intended for anyone who studies, works or has an interest in the world of knowledge in the Trieste area: teachers, students, researchers, science communicators, journalists, citizens, schools, research centers, associations, museums, public administration, companies.

In section Community, it is possible to build and develop networks and contacts to meet the needs of the local community, facilitating collaboration between partners with different skills and perspectives and the co-creation of projects and initiatives promoted by organizations and associations, but also by schools, teachers or individual students.

Registering to the platform you will have the opportunity to get to know the other members of the community and to establish a dialogue with them, and you will also be able to propose events, courses, materials.

Through the platform, the aim is to broaden the possibilities of each student in the area to interact with the institutions that produce knowledge, to consider knowledge as a possible career, to be able to deepen their interests in specific topics, to get to know scientists and experts personally by establishing an authentic relationship with them.

The PHERECLOS project and the Trieste Education Cluster

The platform was developed within the European project PHERECLOS, Partnerships for pathways to Higher Education and science engagement in Regional Clusters of Open Schooling, which aims to improve and make more equitable access to higher education for young people, in particular to careers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The project enabled the development of six Local Education Cluster (LEC) bringing together schools and other relevant actors in the education ecosystem from six different pilot regions, one of them in Trieste. Each LEC is designed as an incubator to facilitate dialogue and initiate joint activities between these organisations and the world of formal and non-formal education.

Even before it was establised as a Local Education Cluster, many of the partners were involved in the protocol Trieste City of Knowledge, a collaborative network that has been linking local institutions and scientific and research institutions in the Trieste area since 2007. This protocol allowed an initial working group to get to know each other and start working together.


The Trieste Educational Cluster has been managed by SISSA Medialab s.r.l., as beneficiary in the project PHERECLOS (2019-2022)

The local partners who joined the project in 2019-2022 are, in alphabetical order (click on their names to view their websites):

As of June 2022, some new partners have joined the Trieste Education Cluster platform:

To officially join the Trieste Education Cluster with an association, a school, a company, write to phereclos@medialab.sissa.it

Credits photo: Simona Cerrato (CC BY-NC-SA)